CFO Chris Davies has provided regular updates since the start

of the COVID-19 pandemic.  See all memo’s here.

The Critical Incident Team (CIT) has been running since the start of the COVID-19 Pandemic.  Cell’s have been formed within the CIT and the Lead of each Cell has produced an information video, these are available to view here.  A Frequently Asked Question’s document has been produced, which should hold the answer to all the questions you have relating to COVID-19.

Being in lockdown at home with children or young people can be a difficult time.  You will find help, advice and guidance here as well as some fun activity packs and ideas’ to help keep everyone active and entertained.

Working from Home is a new challenge for most people.  See the guide and tips to help you get the most out of Home Working.

During this Pandemic, it is vitally important that you look after your Health and Wellbeing.  You will find helpful links to webinars, advice and guidance to ensure you have the tools to look after yourself and the people close to you.

Managing Teams that are spread across the Service area, working from remote locations or at Home can be a challenge to manage.  A range of tips and advice can be found to guide you through this period such as managing remote teams and managing online meetings.

Physical exercise is highly recommended during this period of lockdown.  With Leisure Centres, gyms and Service facilities closed until further notice the Service Fitness Team has put together some fitness videos to challenge and inspire you.  You can also find advice from the WHO and NHS.

There are many sources of support through this difficult period, you will find information on the Service Counselling Facility – Care First and other available supporting mechanisms.